Recent Activities

Presentation of the WFTU document

25 June 2020

May Day

01 May 2020 - TUI-PS&A International Workers Day

 NEHAWU In Solidarity with Cuban Doctors During COVID-19

Cuban Doctors Deployed in South Africa

25 April 2020, Saturday
NEHAWU Welcomes The Deployment Of A Cuban Medical Brigade To South Africa To Assist with COVID-19

TUI-PS&A Solidarity with Italy

Trade Union International Public Service & Allied Pledges Its Solidarity To USB And The Entire Working People Of Italy - We Say No To The Latest Attempts By Italian Government To Silence Workers

WFTU Declaration for International Working Women's Day

05 March 2020: On the occasion of this year’s March 8th anniversary, the World Federation of Trade Union addresses a warm militant greeting to every woman all over the globe...

Directive Meeting

11-12 March 2020: A Directive meeting took place in South Africa