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  1. The mid-term meeting held on the 30th to 31st March 2022 attended by public service unions drawn from all continents of the world as members of the trade union international of public service and allied workers, associates and friends is a resounding and a watershed meeting not only to public service unions but for the entire public servants in the world
  2. The meeting welcomes and appreciates the presentation made by Comrade Edgar Correa on the state of public service globally and the need to build strong class oriented trade unionism of the world, capable of representing and defending workers in general and public service workers in particular including the working class as a whole. In this regard, we will use his presentation as a basis to develop a shared perspective as a position paper of our TUI for adoption by the 14th World Congress of TUI-PS&A in 2023.
  3. Public service unions emerged from TUI – PS&A midterm more resolute in their shared perspective to aggressively campaign and offensively deal with systematic and structural challenges of capitalism and imperialism.
  4. Inspired by the discussions ensued and sharing of experiences about the conditions public service workers that are subjected to across the world, the TUI- PS &A, its affiliates, associates and friends commit to venture into struggles to create a better world for humanity and just and also to fight for the creation of a State bias to working people and the working class.
  5. TUI-PS&A will continue to pay necessary attention to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war which is the imperialist war and will continue to forge solidarity with workers in both countries, given its effects on economy and geo-political situations.
  6. The TUI PS&A should continue condemning the USA aggression against Cuba and Venezuela including pledging solidarity with workers and the people of Palestine. In this regard, a delegation of TUI – PS&A will visit the two countries in order to ascertain the current situation and also agree on the possible joint programme for solidarity support.
  7. Our TUI continues to mobilise and campaign against neo-liberal policy of austerity and calls upon all its members, associates and friends to unite in the fight against this government’s policy. In this regard, public service unions should share their plan of action for solidarity messages and support by TUI PS &A headquarters.
  8. We condemn the arrest of workers for exercising their universal right to mobilise and form a trade union by government of Gabon. Immediately after this meeting, the headquarters will issue a letter to Gabon government and followed by a solidarity statement condemning such barbaric acts and call for the immediate release of trade union leaders from prisons.
  9. Now that COVID-19 is no longer vicious and is less effective, the General Secretary will develop a programme to visit different countries and affiliates are requested to express their interests for these visits, starting with India, Mexico, Peru and Chile.
  10. TUI PS&A will engage in the intensive trade union education as a critical aspect of development of workers particularly on class consciousness and imperatives of solidarity towards preserving unity of workers of the world.
  11. Once more, all affiliates of TUI PS&A are encouraged to pay affiliation fees to enable our TUI to function and campaign effectively to defend workers across the world.
  12. Our TUI will attend and play a critical role in shaping and ensuring comprehensive resolutions of the 18th World Congress of WFTU to take place as from the 6th to 8th May 2022 in Rome, Italy. At this meeting, the TUI PS&A collective leadership commit to report to our affiliates, associates and friends on the outcomes of the 18th WFTU Congress.
  13. Headquarters will issue a bulletin covering the proceedings of the midterm meeting namely addresses, interventions, conclusions and way forward and the declaration.